It's the time for giving and we've put together a simple guide for how you can help us to make sure the recently arrived community get to be part of the festivities too!


Christmas 2021

This year, we have three simple ways you can get involved:

Buy a new outfit for a recently arrived person

and donate a winter themed Welcome Pack


Donate money to our 2022 Travel Fund

Buy a new outfit for a recently arrived person

It's cold out there and it's important that everyone has access to warm clothing this winter. We want to go one step better (because it's Christmas!) and give people a new outfit whenever possible. 


We receive a huge number of requests for warm clothing at this time of year and by donating an outfit, you'll help us not only make sure that someone is warm but also give a greater sense of dignity. 

We need outfits for gents, ladies, teenagers and children. Outfits should be bundled (not wrapped please) and clearly labelled with sizes.


You can see our guidance for outfits below, but feel free to get creative!


Each outfit should contain:

  • A long sleeved top

  • A jumper/hoodie/fleece

  • Trousers or thermals

  • A suitable warm jacket

  • Underwear and socks


Suggested cash equivalent: £50

Tote Bag

Build and donate a winter themed Welcome Pack

Whilst we have some standard items that we always include in our welcome packs, we love when you get creative! Please remember that we do not expect you to make the entire pack (although you are welcome to!) 


Below are some suggested items to help make our winter packs that little bit cosier.

  • Slippers/cosy socks

  • Pyjamas and/or dressing gown

  • Towels

  • Hot water bottle

  • Thermos flask

Find a complete list of the items that go into our Welcome Packs here.


Donate money to our 2022 Travel Fund

At the moment in Scotland (and the rest of the UK) the travel budget for people in the asylum system is £4.70 a week. This isn't enough to buy an all day ticket in Glasgow.

Over the festive period we want to give individuals and families the ability to explore the city safely and warmly; we want recently arrived children to see the Christmas lights and we want everyone to be able to get to appointments without long walks in the rain or snow.

In 2022 we want to be able to provide people with flexible travel options so that they don't have to try to schedule everything on one day. We want people to be able to explore, to visit friends and family and to free up a tiny bit extra of their small budget (currently £37.75 a week).

School Bus

View other ways you can donate here.

Thanks for making a difference with us!