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Christmas Countdown

We need drivers! The countdown to Christmas is on and we have a huge number of packs to deliver before the end of the week (18 December).

Help make our Christmas wish come true - keep an eye on the number of requests we have as they come in and what's left to deliver here and, if you are able to help, please read the guidance below.

Thank you for your support!


Packs to be delivered


Packs delivered

this week

Last updated: Thu 17 Dec at 11.05pm

How you can help

We simply ask that you collect a package from our office at 1 Cadogan Square, 51 Cadogan St, Glasgow G2 7HF and deliver it to the address marked on the bag or package.

In order to keep everyone as safe as possible we have developed the following system and ask that all collections and deliveries are carried out in this way.


When you arrive at 51 Cadogan St, please message within the Volunteer WhatsApp group to say you have arrived. We will then bring the package to you. We will have no contact during this time, trying to ensure that we keep to the two-metre social distance that has been advised. Conversation can take place from a distance but should be kept to a minimum.


You will then take the package to the address marked on the label. We will let the recipient know that you will knock on their door to advise that the package is outside. We will assume if we do not hear from you that the package has been delivered successfully, however, if you do have a problem delivering the package please contact us on the one of the numbers listed at the top of this guide. Under no circumstances should personal information such as name and address be shared in the Volunteer WhatsApp group.


We recommend using hand sanitiser regularly and washing your hands before collection and after dropping off.

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