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An update to our service

We have very recently moved to the office space of our dreams and we are so excited about our plans for the new space. We are writing today with an update on our service provision going forward.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Refuweegee have been working tirelessly to distribute vital emergency support to people all over the city.

It has always been our preference that people are given a choice in what items they need and, from around mid-April, we're hoping to be able to open on an appointment basis to allow people to come to our premises and choose the items that they need with dignity. More details will be available shortly.

In order to make this possible, we need to slow down to speed up and it is impossible for our small team to continue our reactive deliveries while preparing the new space. That being said, we have now closed our online request and pack delivery service.

It goes without saying that we will always do what we can to support in emergency situations. For emergency cases, please contact the team directly on 07521762134.

Thanks and kind regards

The Refuweegee Team


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