About us

Refuweegee was set up by Selina Hales in December 2015 to provide a warm welcome to forcibly displaced people arriving in Glasgow. As a result of the amazing response from people in Glasgow and beyond, we have provided over 2000 community-built, personal welcome packs and gained charitable status in September 2016.


Our aim is to enable the existing community in extending the friendly welcome that Glasgow is world renowned for*. We do this through our welcome packs, our events and our volunteer opportunities. We try to provide everyone who wishes to get involved with an opportunity to do so; be it through writing a letter, donating essential items, joining us at an event or fundraising.


We work with multiple organisations around Scotland, from our partners who distribute welcome packs through to schools and community organisations looking to do something similar in their area. We love hearing from other individuals, organisations, groups and projects and collaborating wherever we can on the very simple objective of making the world a nicer place to live.


*roughguides.com World's friendliest city

The team

The Refuweegee team is made up of two core team members.


Founder and Director of Refuweegee. Most likely to be found digging around the donations, confusing any organisation that exists by trying to talk on her mobile, update Twitter and take photos for Instagram all at once!


A volunteer since February 2016, Hannah is almost as much part of the donation drop off as the wee pink kitchen that we can’t get rid of! Usually found burried under a pile of donations, casting aspertions about Selina’s prolific use of social media, her day to day involves organising donations, coordinating volunteers and distributing welcome packs.


Scottish Charity Number SC046843



Account number     74736863
Sort code                 87-37-13

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