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Supporting Ukraine

We’ve heard from a variety of sources that many organisations that were previously gathering aid have closed due to volume. Here are some ways that you can still support those experiencing conflict.

These suggestions were gathered by someone close to the Refuweegee Team.

1. Raise awareness and continue to educate ourselves on the situation as it unfold

  • Find some good links here.

  • Follow Matthew, a US journalist currently in Kiev

  • Follow Olia, a Ukrainian author based in the uk who is in contact with her parents and brother on the ground in Ukraine. She shares positive stories, messages of hope and is in touch with tangible ways we can help as and when things happen.

2. Show solidarity with the people of Ukraine

  • Join a protest.

  • Use your social media as a platform.

  • Write to your MP to lift visa requirements and support Ukraine with protective equipment etc.

3. Support refugees/civilians fleeing to safety

  • Sign the petition to pressure the UK to allow safe passage from Ukraine. It is the least our government could do. Don't forget to confirm the signature over email after signing, or it won't count! Also share, share, share.

  • If you know anyone in the EU/countries that take refugees they can sign up spare rooms on this platform (think free AirB&B for refugees).

  • Donate money directly to Ukrainian shelters housing children and vulnerable people in eastern Ukraine.

4. Donate to supporting charities

  • This GoFundMe urgent appeal for medical supplies, with updates on how the donations are spent.

  • Find other options to donate here.

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